Methods of payment

Payment by bank transfer.

Upon payment by bank transfer, mention the payment notification, starting with "G0046801_1/97470_", given to you upon registration!! Payment is to be made to the following account:

Bank: ING Kouter
Address: Kouter 173
City: 9000 Gent
Benificiary: Universiteit Gent
Account number: 390-0965800-26
Swift: BBRU BE BB 900
Iban: BE59-3900-9658-0026


Payment by creditcard. (Internet Explorer only!!)

Secure payment by creditcard, is made possible by Ogone, one of the leading players in the European payment services market.
To pay by creditcard fill in the payment certificate and push the Send button.
You should get a similar window:

If not, push the Back button and try again.

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